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Tell us a little about you!

My name is Constance Spillman. I’m a stay at home Superhero…I mean Mom to two smart little girls, and an Independent Sales Consultant for Norwex.

Tell us about Norwex.

Norwex is an amazing company with health and environment-friendly products that I love and stand behind 100%. With great products, consultant and customer benefits, and working as much or as little as I want, what’s not to love??! I love sharing with everyone that you DON’T need harmful chemicals to clean your home or for personal care.

Creating chemical-free Safe-Havens for people is so important to me, not only for the health of them and their families, but for the health of the environment for generations to come!

What’s your most favorite product?

My favorite products are the microfiber Envirocloth (the “work horse”), the Window cloth (the “side kick”), and the Dust Mitt (the “extra hand”), because I can clean over 80% of my home with just these and water! Our microfiber is different than any other out there, because it is embedded with micro silver. This BacLock™ technology goes to work with its self-purification properties against mold, fungi and bacterial odor! Using these products and JUST water, surfaces are left free from all forms of contaminates, cleaned, polished and streak-free.

What will you be giving away at the event?

I will be giving away a Travel Envirocloth- a compact version of our Envirocloth- great for taking on the go, in your purse, diaper bag, car, or office. Great for cleaning little messy faces and hands in a flash. I never leave my house without them! Norwex has changed my life. Cleaning is easier, faster, and most important- safe for us and the environment. I also save money because I don’t have to constantly buy commercial cleaners and paper towels anymore. Our products last for years and years and are backed by amazing warranties!

What made you laugh today?

My two daughters (4 years and 2 years old) make me laugh everyday at the many things they say and the silly stories and dances they come up with.

You know you’re a mama when…

you go to pick out what you’re going to wear (from jewelry…or lack there of… to clothes, shoes, and purse…or backpack) according to how comfy it is going to be, not how fashionable.

What has being a parent taught you?

My children have taught me to look at the world in a different way. Each day they point out something that would usually be so small or insignificant, I would normally pass it by. Simple things like the special color of a leaf or the shape of a cloud, the smell of a flower or the music-like sound of the rain. Without them, I would just over look the many things like this and miss out on the beauty of it all. They are my world!

How do we contact you?

I can be contacted anytime by:
phone: 704-881-2200

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Introducing Sarah Schnell. After taking her own health journey, Sarah decided to help others, and another entrpreneur was born. Her story, and more about Sarah here!

I am a wife, a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend and an entrepreneur. I’ve always known I wanted to build something of my own, but I wasn’t a big risk taker when it came to investing my life savings into a new venture. Arbonne came into my life when I personally needed some help with my own health after having two kid. The success of my personal journey led me to becoming a consultant so I could help others. Arbonne is a 35 year old health and wellness company with a Swiss heritage. All our 450+ premium skincare, bath/body, nutrition, and cosmetic products are inspired by nature, enhanced by science, creating amazing, botanically based products. Our products are all Vegan-certified, free of harmful ingredients, fragrances, dyes and mineral oils, plus they do not contain any gluten, dairy, whey and soy. Arbonne’s pure, safe, and beneficial products are truly aimed at creating healthy individuals from the inside out, plus they deliver real results.

What do you love the most about doing what you do?

I love that I am helping people live a healthier lifestyle through safer products, education about nutrition, and opportunities for a better work/life balance. Helping people make better choices that impact themselves and their families is rewarding on so many levels.

What’s your most favorite product you sell? Why?

It’s so hard to choose just one favorite product from over 450+ products so I’ll pick a line of products. The nutrition line of products Arbonne offers are definitely some of my favorites because that’s where my passion for a healthier lifestyle started. Plus, they are so incredibly tasty and good for my body in so many different ways.

What makes you the most unique in your business?

As a Consultant I pride myself on making a connection with clients and truly helping them find products that address their needs and budget.

What will you be giving away at the Splendid Mamas Night Out Event?

I’ll be gifting a lucky winner some pampering products from Arbonne.

What made you laugh today?

Definitely my kids. Between a 2 year old and a 4 year old there’s something totally crazy and funny coming out of their mouths daily.

You know you’re a mama when?

You have the diaper bag with you, no wallet, and no kids. Oops.

What have you learned from becoming a parent?

Having kids has taught me, or maybe just reinforced, lot’s of life lessons…Life’s too short to sweat the small stuff. Relish in the moments. Don’t let a few bad parts of the day ruin the whole day. Sneak a kiss or hug whenever you can. Stop to smell the flowers and see life through a child’s eye.

You never leave the house without…?

Sunglasses, Arbonne lip balm, cell phone, and water bottle with an Arbonne Energy Fizz to keep me going.

How can people contact you before or after the event? (websites, emails, social media)

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I love all these amazing Mamas! All are putting together their passions, and bringing something unique to their industry. Ashley is no different! Her big personality combined with her passion for wellness is all rolled into one business. Art of Renewal with Ashley!


Tell me a little about you, and a little about your business.

Hi there! My name is Ashley Biggins. I am a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and a Wildtree Rep. I specialize in Health and Nutrition and offer one-on-one sessions and group freezer meal workshops.

Wildtree was founded by Rhode Island mom Leslie Montie and her parents, to share their tasty array of ALL NATURAL culinary blends, oils, marinades, sauces, rubs, dips, breads, and more that they created.
Leslie’s two children had medical challenges (juvenile diabetes and allergies to preservatives) which required special diets. Leslie was challenged to make great tasting meals that the whole family could eat together and enjoy. Friends suggested that others may benefit from these healthy alternatives, so Wildtree was born! In November 2012, Wildtree became a CERTIFIED ORGANIC company!

We offer gourmet culinary blends, infused Grapeseed Oils and delicious products to help you create everything from appetizers to desserts. Wildtree is dedicated to high quality and safety as all Wildtree products contain NO additives, preservatives, MSG, High Fructose Corn Syrup, food dyes, minimal or no salt & sugar and are guaranteed 100% PEANUT-­FREE! Wildtree is committed to using ingredients with no GMOs and their Grapeseed Oils are expeller pressed.

Our products are great for busy Moms and Dads who are finding it difficult to cook quick & easy meals that are flavorful and healthy.

What do you love the most about doing what you do?​

I absolutely love helping families get to a healthier place! Whether that means through client consultation and sessions to coach them in making better health choices or offering Wildtree products and teaching them how to make simple, delicious, and healthy meals.​

What’s your most favorite product you sell? Why?​

I have way too many to name! With that being said, the Chocolate Mousse is by far any chocolate lovers dream. The garlic infused grapeseed oil and the Kidz Cheese Blend are also major crowd pleasers.​

What makes you the most unique in your business?​

The fact that I am a Certified Health Coach gives me a great advantage because I have the education behind the recommendations I give. For all of my clients, you don’t just get an unbelievable product. You also get the support from ME :)​

What will you be giving away at the Splendid Mamas Night Out Event?

​ Wildtree Chocolate Mousse​

What made you laugh today?​

My one year old lays down yelled BATMAN at my sister-in-law. LOL​

You know you’re a mama when?

When you hear a baby cry and immediately look, even when your kiddo isn’t with you.​

What have you learned from becoming a parent?

Patience! and a reminder to have a childlike heart.​

You never leave the house without…?​

Sophie and Sips (sippy cup)​

How can people contact you before or after the event? (websites, emails, social media)​ (health coaching) (Wildtree Products)
ashley@artofrenewal (email),
@artofrenewal (Instagram) (facebook)​

What else should we know?​ — We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us.​

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I haven’t known Logan long, but what I do know is that she is passionate about what she does. Logan is representing Beautycounter at our Splendid Mamas Night Out Event on 11/14, and I’m excited to see what she is offering with this new beauty and skin care line!


Tell me a little about you, and a little about your business.
I am a wife and mommy to two beautiful sweet children ages 2 and 4. I love all things health and wellness:)Beautycounter is an education first company bringing awareness to the lack of regulation in the personal care and cosmetic industry. We have the strictest ingredient screening process out there, omitting more than 1500 toxic ingredients from our products. The truth is there just isn’t much regulation in our personal care products and there are tons of toxic chemicals in the products we use every day that are banned in other countries but not in the US! The products are amazing and perform so well, but most importantly our mission is to get safe products into the hands of everyone. I am really passionate about sharing this mission with everyone I know because it is SO important to our health.

What do you love the most about doing what you do?
I absolutely LOVE empowering people to make safer choices for themselves and family which is what I get to do on a daily basis through my work with Beautycounter! It makes my heart so happy to see people- moms in particular- to feel confident about what they are putting on their bodies and their children and to feel beautiful at the same time.

What’s your most favorite product you sell? Why?
Geez- such a tough question because I love them all! Currently one of my favorites is the Lustro #1 Face Oil-
All of the lustro face oils provide your face with powerful antioxidants and essential fatty acids that protect, smooth and plump skin. They lock in moisture and calm irritation without clogging pores. The #1 is made with calendula which has a warm, earth floral scent that works great for sensitive skin. Can’t go without!

What makes you the most unique in your business?
Safety AND Performance

What will you be giving away at the Splendid Mamas Night Out Event?
Anytime Eye Cream ($32 value)

What made you laugh today?
When I walked in my daughter’s bedroom and she had dressed my son in her clothes, shoes jewelry and hairbows! It was hilarious! My son didn’t seem to mind….but I won’t tell my husband that! ;0

You know you’re a mama when?
Your perfect vacation would be ALONE:)just kidding….kind of ;0

What have you learned from becoming a parent?
This saying is so true—-Kids spell love- TIME!

You never leave the house without…?
SNACKS! (for the kids…and me!)

How can people contact you before or after the event? (websites, emails, social media)
Phone: 704-473-1164

What else should we know?
I am excited to meet you all!


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I am so excited about this upcoming event! My vision for this group is to empower women and specifically to connect again. It’s so easy to fall into a routine of isolation, and this event is a way to fight back, and get out to meet your Mama neighbors! In preparation for the event, I want to introduce our Vendors. In no particular order, I want to introduce our first vendor. Amber Brown with LulaRoe!


Tell us a little about you, and a little about your business.
LulaRoe is an affordable boutique clothing line for women and children. We sell comfortable, stylish clothes at an affordable price. All prints are limited if not available only once which means the chance of you seeing the same outfit in public is highly unlikely. 
What do you love the most about doing what you do?
It’s flexible and allows me to save money while working around our lifestyle. Plus, my closet now looks super chic:-)
What’s your most favorite product you sell? Why?
Leggings!! They come in  sophisticated or funky patterns to match your mood and are buttery soft. 
What makes you the most unique in your business?
Convenience. Frequent special offers. Huge inventory. 
What will you be giving away at the Splendid Mamas Night Out Event?
A pair of leggings! $25 value
What made you laugh today?
We had pearled couscous with our meal. My 3-year old daughter said “Oose goose! That’s a funny name! Who calls something oose goose? *tastes it then says* It even feels funny in my mouth!! I like this oose goose!”
You know you’re a mama when?
You use your cute scarf as an emergency tissue for a runny nose! Just refold and you are good to go:-)
What have you learned from becoming a parent?
That life is always magical and full of adventure. That climbing anything by yourself is awesome. That making a mess in the kitchen is 3/4 of the fun. That a sloppy kiss across your entire face from a happy dog should make everyone grin ear to ear. 
You never leave the house without…?
My cell phone. Seriously, I feel naked without it. 
How can people contact you before or after the event?
704-477-1368 text works well for me in this phase of life…I return calls after kiddos are sleeping


Hugs from this Mama, and LulaRoe!

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