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Mama Communities

We Mamas gotta have each other!! I can’t tell you how often I thank God for the women and community He has put into my life. If I didn’t have other mamas in my life, my husband would have a very crazy wife that would demand way more attention than he can give (I might be a little high maintenance!). I am thankful for the mamas who have walked through some of the same emotional conversations with themselves, and thankful for the mamas who just need to get the kids out of the house with me! For all these reasons I wanted to provide a way to make community for others out there! If you’d like to start a Splendid Mama community in your area, please let me know, but if you would like to join mine, I’d love that too!


I have a couple to choose from. First, I have my facebook page: This page is my photography business page, and will mostly be about that, but I’ll also be posting updated blog entries.

Next, I have created an essential oils group for those of you interested. This is still in the launching/planning stages, but please feel free to join!  This group will be all about learning essential oils. From business builders, to DIY, to recipes, to asking questions of other users, this community is about providing resources for you to learn how to use your essential oils! When you have the tools, you truly can be successful!

Last, I have local groups available for those of you who would like to meet, and spend time with other moms! Located below is a list of the current Splendid Mama groups organized in and around Charlotte, NC

Steele Creek:

Ballantyne / Pineville:

Stallings / Matthews:

Littleton, CO:

Coming Soon!




I’m located in Charlotte, North Carolina, but even if you don’t live in NC, we can try to help. Come together at We can all strive for splendid together!




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