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Sow to Reap // A Prayer for the New Year

Last year I was challenged to find a sort of mantra or word that would remind me where I wanted my vision to stay through the year. It was something I would think about, and help remind me to stay on track, and look for teachable moments. Last year my word was “Soar”. Isaiah 40:31 says: “but those who keep waiting for the LORD will renew their strength. Then they’ll soar on wings like eagles; they’ll run and not grow weary; they’ll walk and not grow tired.” I wanted to remember to soar with God’s strength, and I wanted to look with a perspective from above. Though I didn’t always remember, it did help as a reminder of finding my strength in the Lord.

This year one of the first verses that jumped onto my heart was this… so I went with it:


Okay, so who wants to start their year with tears, raise your hand! Sowing for the harvest, this is what I’ve decided to plant on my mind and heart for the year. Some of this verse wants to make me run and hide. I don’t want to struggle, and I definitely don’t want to sow in tears, but then something about it gives me a surge of excitement that comes with finding out you’ve just won something great. Surely I will struggle in some way this year, but this verse tell me it means my tears aren’t in vain! The work that is so hard to do, and sacrifices that will always come will not be in vain.  There will be a harvest! This last year had some big dark spots, but I hope and believe with all my heart it wasn’t for nothing. I don’t know what the joy harvest will look like, but I believe it will come!

Sowing.  We are doing it whether we are conscious of it or not. What harvest and am I preparing for?  These are some of the questions I want to keep at the battle stations of my heart for this year. What am I building with my choices? With my husband? With my son? With friends? Aquaintances? I am creating something, and I want the harvest to be honoring, and joyful! If I am developing harsh feelings towards my husband, how am I manifesting those, and what am I doing to reap a healthy relationship in our future? How am I investing in my son, and what do I want that to look like as our family changes? How can I love my friends and neighbors better? How am I managing my business with a mind for the future? I want Godly harvests, and my goal this year is to remember to sow seeds that produce healthy harvests not just this year, but years to come.

What’s your phrase for the year?


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