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Splendid Mamas Night Out // Charlotte, NC // LulaRoe

I am so excited about this upcoming event! My vision for this group is to empower women and specifically to connect again. It’s so easy to fall into a routine of isolation, and this event is a way to fight back, and get out to meet your Mama neighbors! In preparation for the event, I want to introduce our Vendors. In no particular order, I want to introduce our first vendor. Amber Brown with LulaRoe!


Tell us a little about you, and a little about your business.
LulaRoe is an affordable boutique clothing line for women and children. We sell comfortable, stylish clothes at an affordable price. All prints are limited if not available only once which means the chance of you seeing the same outfit in public is highly unlikely. 
What do you love the most about doing what you do?
It’s flexible and allows me to save money while working around our lifestyle. Plus, my closet now looks super chic:-)
What’s your most favorite product you sell? Why?
Leggings!! They come in  sophisticated or funky patterns to match your mood and are buttery soft. 
What makes you the most unique in your business?
Convenience. Frequent special offers. Huge inventory. 
What will you be giving away at the Splendid Mamas Night Out Event?
A pair of leggings! $25 value
What made you laugh today?
We had pearled couscous with our meal. My 3-year old daughter said “Oose goose! That’s a funny name! Who calls something oose goose? *tastes it then says* It even feels funny in my mouth!! I like this oose goose!”
You know you’re a mama when?
You use your cute scarf as an emergency tissue for a runny nose! Just refold and you are good to go:-)
What have you learned from becoming a parent?
That life is always magical and full of adventure. That climbing anything by yourself is awesome. That making a mess in the kitchen is 3/4 of the fun. That a sloppy kiss across your entire face from a happy dog should make everyone grin ear to ear. 
You never leave the house without…?
My cell phone. Seriously, I feel naked without it. 
How can people contact you before or after the event?
704-477-1368 text works well for me in this phase of life…I return calls after kiddos are sleeping


Hugs from this Mama, and LulaRoe!

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