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Mamas Night Out Event // Charlotte, NC // Bellies and Babies

Oh Bellies and Babies, how much I love you! Thank you so much for hosting this first Annual Splendid Mamas Night Out Event! I met Angie very briefly at another event last year at Gingersnap Baby, and immediately knew I wanted to work with her. Her fun, spunky (and just very likable) personality, and obvious love for connecting and helping Moms make it hard not to notice her and her wonderful business. I couldn’t be more excited to be using their space on Saturday. Now, for a little about Angie, the founder of Bellies and Babies!


Tell us about Bellies and Babies!

What I love most about what we do here at Bellies and Babies is that we make a difference in how a woman experiences and remembers some of the most important times in life. Whether it’s fertility, prenatal or postpartum work, we enable our clients to enjoy these times without pain so what’s left is nothing but joy. That’s what every women deserves and gets with us here.

What is your favorite product you sell?

I really like the Beauty Counter tinted face moisturizer. I’ve never been someone to wear a lot of makeup so this gives me just a little skin kick to make me look and feel a little more awake while adding a subtle glow to my skin with tons of moisture.

What makes you different and unique in your field?

No one else in the nation practices massage the way we do here. Our specialty is taking the “common” out of common aches and pains. Pains aren’t common. To say common aches and pains is really disturbing especially when it comes to such significant, physically demanding times in a woman’s life. We set the new standard of what “common” really is and that’s pain-free.

What are you giving away?

We are offering our ladies gift cards to come back and visit here at Bellies and Babies to experience themselves why we are the leading provider in women’s physical care.

What made you laugh today?

The funniest thing this morning was when my little girl, she’s 4, was sneaking into our room. She climbed into bed and as she was finally comfy, passed gas. It was tiny, cute, gross an funny all at once. It came out of the silence and sent my husband and I into hysterics. TMI?

You know you’re a mama when…

You know you’re a mama when reach into your purse to pull out your wallet and instead pull out a pair of little girl Doc McStuffins underwear. AWKWARD!

What have you learned by being a parent?

My kids have taught me that they are super cute as kids so that we as parents don’t get so frustrated that we leave at Target during a major melt down because she can’t buy a purple fuzzy coat.

I never leave the house without…

I never leave the house without bobby pins or hairbands. I have really curly hair, the wild beast could come loose at any point in my day. I need to be sure to have back up just in case.

How can we contact you?

If anyone has any questions about the company, what we do, why we do it or just to chat, we can be reached by website (, phone 704-858-4445, or email at

What else should you know?

……….I’d like to maybe apologize if anyone happens to catch my family circus and I out in public and in full action. I swear my kids can be less savage like, they just choose not be while in public. Usually Target.

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