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Terrors in the Night but It’s New Every Morning // A Mamas Journal

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Our little guy has been having trouble staying asleep these last few nights. We think it’s a little bit of night terrors. There is not much that can wriggle its way into parent’s heart like waking up, and hearing your child scream and inconsolably upset. It’s terrible, but I know that it’s not real. I know he will get through it. I know that what he’s experiencing at that moment feels real, and feels terrible, but that he will wake up, and the sun will come out for him in the morning, and it will all be new.

Becoming a parent is a funny thing. When I was young, and I imagined having children, I always pictured being a parent as simply being a nurturer, a playmate, a “boss”. Now that I’m grown, and actually have a child of my own I realize how it isn’t so black and white (and if we are being honest, am I really the “boss”? Ha!).  But truly, I know now, that just as God uses marriage as a tool to teach us, and help us grasp more deeply an understanding of His love for us, so He does with giving us children. I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “that’s a no brainer!”… Why yes, yes it is, but what I keep coming back to, and what keeps settling on my mind, is the creativity in His examples when He seems to be whispering to me.

When I was holding my son tonight, I took a deep breath after he finally calmed down, and I pictured myself laying nestled in Jesus’s arms. I pictured myself in His arms after being exhausted by something that wasn’t real, and His promise to me was that it would be new tomorrow. The sun WILL come up in the morning, and He will make all things new.

I am constantly amazed by how such little child, only just created, can help teach me something so big and so true… And now on to tomorrow, because I can’t wait for another little moment and another pearl of wisdom and delight that will surely come from that little ball of energy and light.

I hope you have a beautiful day! Hugs from this mama!

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