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Stepping Outside The Box // Mama’s Journal



Anyone who knows me WELL, knows that I am a total introvert. I LOVE people, but a lot of people at once can put me into turtle mode if I don’t push myself.

A few weeks ago a couple of friends, and some inspiring leaders made me take off my shell. I was at a HUGE conference, and I was asked to talk with the people at the conference during lunch about zyto scans (a service I offer through my essential oils business). This meant I had to walk up to complete strangers, and give them a brief description of what we were doing, and ask them to join us. At the moment I was asked to do this, my first instinct was to ball myself up in a corner with a cloak of invisibility, but part of me knew I could do it, and wanted to know I could overcome my fear. I know you can’t see the words on the paper (and I’m pretty sure the words are backwards…but it’s late, and my brain is on information overload…but in a good way!) so I’ll tell you what they say. There are two circles. The small one says “comfort zone”, and the much larger one says “where the magic happens”. Ahhh! And then I realized… I want magic to happen!! I want to inspire people, help them find truth, and meaning and freedom. I want to be a part of their stories. The first step… Stepping outside of my shell… even if it was WAY outside of my comfort zone.

What makes you step outside of your shell??? I wanna know! It may be speaking to strangers about your business, it may be trying to make friends with other parents at the park, but I can tell you that when your insides are pulling you kicking and screaming to walk outside your comfort zone, LISTEN! Only good things will come from it.

Have a beautiful day, and hugs from this Mama!!

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