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I am a Splendid Mama…

Splendid Mama. Not that I am, but that I strive to be. Words that resonate with me, and who I have been made to be. Words I don’t say because I believe I am, but words I believe are possible–Splendid Mama.

When I became a mama a little over 2 years ago I was not prepared for the way I would judge, ridicule and just plain question mySELF. As a woman, no one is a worse critic than, you guessed it, your self. It’s easier to let critique from others roll away (as long as it hasn’t already found a place to bed down in your mind), but as quiet days of semi-solitude during the first few months of being a mama (not because I intentionally did this, but as a new mom I just had a hard time getting out!) creeped into weeks and months, I had plenty of time to let thoughts, especially negative thoughts widdle their way into my being. Well, enough is enough, and I am making a statement to myself, and to anyone who listens. Tell yourself you can do it, and do it. I was made to be a splendid, fun, creative, loving, nurturing mama and wife, and I can totally do anything I wanted to do!

Saying I can, and actually carrying it out are completely separate things. So what is the key to success? One of my dear friends sat me down, and asked me: “Laura, what brings you joy?”. This simple question has wrapped itself around my heart, and forced me to dig deep within my soul to find answers. I couldn’t believe I really didn’t have an answer. I should have been able to say “being a mom” or “being a wife” or any number of things, but I realized those are too complicated. Finding joy in my life comes in much more simple examples. This life changing question has made me realize how much I need to know and to seek joy. If I can find joy in my everyday life, and recognize it as pure joy, there is no room for critique, no room for dark, and no room for anything but splendid. That’s my quest, and this is what I have found so far.

I find joy in being outside. Why has it taken me so long to take advantage of our gigantic backyard? I recently planted a garden with my son. We go up to the top of our hill, play in the dirt, talk about how God is helping our baby plants grow into vegetables for us to eat, and how we have to take care of them. It feels so amazing and freeing!  Dirt, sunshine, fresh air, and lots of baby giggles. PURE JOY.

I also find joy in simple home projects that make our life more natural, homie, and “back to basics”. I know it’s silly, but I made wool balls for our dryer. I looked it up, and actually followed through on a pinterest project (what-what?!)! It was fun, and now I can make our clothes smell delicious with our essential oils, and I feel like I did something my grandma would have taught me. Something simple and healthy.

My last joy source of today is this. Revealing a little piece of my heart to hopefully help and encourage someone else. I’ve always believed God put us on the earth in a world with others for a purpose. He didn’t put us in a box with some words of truth so we could figure out what we believe on our own, He put us in a community so we could build each other up, and learn and grow together. I hope and pray I can become better at encouraging, and help others experience the same joy.

So again I say, Splendid Mama. I want to strive to be a Splendid Mama. For me, for my boys, and for God. I refuse to be negative to my self any more, and I strive for lasting joy in my life in the every day moments, experiences and relationships.

Have a beautiful day!


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