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Essential Oils 101 // doTERRA

What are they?

There is no doubt you’ve experienced some form of essential oil. From the scent of a rose, the mist from the peel of an orange, you have experiences them in some form! You may have heard from a friend or family member or come across them from a stranger. They can affect mood, help support your immune system, and even be a part of your cleaning products, but what are they?

This is an amazing video to help explain what there are, and what’s so great about them. It’s short and simple.

Why do they work?

I am a simple person, and as such I like to put it this way. Essential oils come from plants. These plants have been around for hundreds and even thousands of years. Essential oils are basically bottled up plant defense systems that we get to use as support in defense of our body. Aromatically, topically and even internally, we can use these same compounds on our body that the plants have been using to keep themselves healthy. Any way we use them, they can help our body to heal. Here is a little biology lesson on what a cell looks like, and why essential oils are so great!


Have you ever been to the Dr. because you were sick, and after waiting in the waiting area (and probably exposing yourself to even more sick germs), they tell you you have a virus? Your instructions are to go home, get rest, make sure to stay hydrated, but there is not anything they can do? Have you ever left feeling hopeless, and a little angry there wasn’t more you or they could do? While these are all great suggestions, and I wouldn’t argue at all with the doctor, but do you know why they couldn’t help you? The picture above explains why.

Bacteria grows on the outer membrane of a cell. If you get a bacterial infection, and get an antibiotic, it can kill the bacteria because it resides on the outside of the cell. However, the antibiotics can not penetrate the cell membrane–they just aren’t small enough. Essential oils, on the other hand, can! They can actually penetrate the cell membrane, and help your body to stop the replication process of a virus so you can move on with your life! Cool?

If you’re in to the more scientific research and explanation please read this blog! It’s wonderful… and much more scientific than I am.:)

The Physiology of Essential Oils

What can I use them for?

So, now that you know what they are, and why they work, you might want to know what to use them for. The answer is simple… EVERYTHING! Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years. Even in the bible there is mentioned use of oils like Frankincense and Myrrh, and I am amazed at all I can use these little wondrous oils. I use them to help support my immune system, I use them in skincare items, I use them for cleaning, and that’s just me! If you want a great resource for finding ways to use them in your home, I’d suggest these two websites: – I use this all the time when I have something I am trying fight off or see if I can use an oil for. I’m usually pleasantly surprised, and have loved the results. – This is great for DIY stuff and more!

How do I use them?

Why doTERRA?

There are very few companies that I really trust when it comes to essential oils, and this company continues to amaze me through it’s rigorous testing, to the way they source, and even in the way they respect the earth and those communities that harvest each oil. The biggest reason I first chose doTERRA was  because of the peace of mind I had in knowing their product is safe even to be ingested (not all are!). Rather than writing it all out myself, I think this video tells it best:)

How do I order?

This page explains it all:)

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