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More On Guard in Your Life // doTERRA Essential Oils

On Guard Everyday

Incorporating a little bottle of genius…

This is week 3 of looking at the uses for On Guard. It’s one of my favorite oils, and probably the most used oil our house besides lemon, and melaleuca, and lavender, and…. I guess we use a lot on a regular basis! Anyway, we love On Guard. Here are a few ways we use it everyday:1. Topically on my son – We dilute On Guard in coconut oil, and put it on my son’s feet everyday. He’s 19months old so who knows where those sweet little hands will wander or what will end up in his mouth. Giving him a dose of On Guard, gives me just a little more peace of mind.
2. Easy Hand Sanitizer – I love to pull out my little bottle with diluted On Guard, and spray with pleasure anywhere I go. Grocery carts, the park, changing tables, highchairs, and if I wasn’t afraid of offending someone I might even spray toys at a friend’s house… maybe. The point is, the list goes on! Here is a recipe for sanitizer: On Guard Hand Sanitizer
3. A few drops for me – On guard is amazing for my son, and amazing for sanitizing, but I also love to use it myself for my body’s benefit. I put a little on my toothbrush every morning. My mouth feels cleaner, and I get the extra benefits of aiding my immune system.
4. Cleaning – We talked about how On Guard assists your body in ridding itself of viruses, well, it also can rid those germs from your dishwasher, your counter tops, laundry, your bathrooms, and many more just by adding a little to some DIY cleaning recipes. (You could also use lemon, but I love On guard!)

Happy Oil Using!!

For More information about OnGuard, please visit here

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